Financial Advisory Service


DBAS valuation services include assisting clients in valuation of their businesses for the purpose of internal evaluation, private equity investments, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures or fair value for the purpose of statutory audits. We use techniques like Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Earnings Multiples & Comparable transactions for the purpose of valuation. Our deep understanding of industry helps to unleash hidden intrinsic value of the business.


As part of its consulting services, DBAS provides business owners with incisive advice on strategy for setting up new businesses or expanding their existing business operations. DBAS provides assistance with pre-feasibility studies, detailed project report preparation, business plan preparation, etc.

DBAS also carries out review of the financial performance of a company on a periodic basis and advises the promoters on taking corrective action or strategy for future expansion. We also participate in monthly management reviews of clients and provide our views/ recommendations on the overall organizational performance.

For foreign companies looking to set up business operations in India, DBAS provides valuable insight on entry strategy in terms of regulatory requirements, entity structure, etc.